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Marketing Drives Record-setting Rental Transactions 


The Home Depot Rental is a provider of tools, trucks, and equipment rental for the professional contractor as well as the D-I-Y consumer market. While Home Depot has high awareness with our target, awareness of Home Depot Rental and our value proposition of “One Stop Shop” was low. Research led us to understand that each of the audiences had unique needs and motivators. That insight proved helpful to meet our goal of driving customers through the full funnel from awareness to conversion. 

Strategic Approach

Develop an audience first approach. Our master “One Stop Shop” value proposition was clear in all communications, but tactics were tailored to the different audiences via unique language and visuals. Additionally, we used our unique tools and several data sources to tailor messages along the job or project journey. In “planning season” we ran inspirational messages. In “doing season” we ran solution messages and pushed hard for conversion. Throughout, we’re always driving awareness and consideration. 


The Home Depot Rental achieved multiple record-setting weeks in rental transactions and saw a Y/Y increase in revenue across the rental business


Year Over Year Brand Sentiment


Record-setting Rental Transactions Among Professional Contractors


Year Client Relationship


Y/Y Clicks and Page Interactions



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