Brand Strategy

Is Your Brand Underperforming?

For more than 30 years, Brunner has found that brands underperform for one or more of these reasons:

  • Lacking a clearly defined core strength you can rally around.
  • Not understanding the emotional connection your core audience is seeking.
  • Taking on the competition by sounding the same.
  • Lacking consistency in your brand communication.
  • Not measuring the impact of marketing on your brand equity.

Our five-step approach to brand strategy has helped clients in all of these areas.

How Good People Create G.R.E.A.T Brands

Grounding Phase

We combine your existing knowledge and data with our industry experience and third-party platforms to ensure we prepare the landscape to establish your brand strength, connected with your audiences passions, and in a competitive white space.

Rooted Phase

As needed, we supplement our brand understanding with a tailored research approach to ensure the brand strengths, audience passions, and competitive white space give us the strongest potential for growth.

Express Phase

Having created a brand North Star, we develop the visual and verbal brand expressions that will resonate with target audiences, and cement your brand strength in their minds — all captured in a comprehensive brand book.

Amplification Phase

With standout creative, media planning, and go-to-market strategies, we ensure your budget consistently achieves more by accurately identifying where, when, and how your target audiences want to be engaged.

Testing Phase

We use established principles and benchmarks to ensure everything we do both inside and outside your organization is building brand equity and increasing sales.

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