Multicultural Marketing

Increase Revenue by Leveraging Diversity in Your Marketing Efforts

Diverse consumers are a primary source of business growth when marketing within the US. To capitalize on that growth from a marketing standpoint, brands must have a diversity strategy at the outset of their marketing communications planning process. At Brunner, we take a very audience-centric approach to our strategic planning. When we recognized that we could do better to build marketing strategies for diverse consumers, we organized a consortium of multicultural partners that bring a deep understanding of underrepresented communities.

Let Us Help You Break Down Diversity Marketing Silos

The audience expertise provided by our partners is then used within our tried-and-true approach to marketing communications planning. So, instead of a siloed campaign for the diverse consumer, our diversity marketing solutions seamlessly integrate into our marketing communications plans from the beginning. Our clients have one cohesive plan which creates scale and stronger business impact.

Our Diversity Services

Strategies Rooted in Diversity & Data

Real-time insights and 1st party research to radically increase understanding of diverse communities and uncover transformative growth opportunities.

Go-To-Market Design & Product Innovation

Building on diverse insights to create a strategic roadmap for business growth. Enter new markets. Engage new audiences. Disruptive new product ideation and/or adaptations to existing lines to grow share.

Narrative Development & Storytelling

Communication of brand value-proposition to diverse communities in a relevant and authentic way. From content strategy to creative development to amplification.

Creditability Acceleration through Partnerships

Connect business, market, and diversity partner opportunities to accelerate creditability and trust amongst diverse communities.

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