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As a cost-effective, end-to-end pull marketing strategy, Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an invaluable method of growing brand awareness, visibility and share of market across complex industries and competitive landscapes. It’s a critical component of effective growth strategies, but with so much noise and misconceptions around the practice, how do you know where to turn? Who can you rely on to truly maximize your performance potential in competitive search spaces?

At Brunner, our time tried and honored approach to SEO has spelled success for a multitude of clients across various industries and verticals, from healthcare to B2C retail and everywhere in between. Our clients trust us for our unparalleled experience and knowledge of the ranking signals that most heavily influence search results and performance and the levers to pull to influence them.

We do it right, by building a scalable framework for long-term success and tackling areas of opportunity to keep our clients competitive along every meaningful touchpoint in their prospects and clientele’s search journeys. We have the deep-rooted experience to provide unique solutions to complex problems and the insatiable curiosity to stay on top of search engine's ever-changing algorithms.

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Our Approach and Methodology

A winning Formula


At Brunner, we never put the cart before the horse. Before we can begin strategizing for your business, we need to understand your business – intimately. In this phase of the engagement, we work closely with our client stakeholders to understand the existing infrastructure, challenges, limitations, pain points, processes and areas of opportunity. We will align on key performance indicators (KPIs), performance tracking capabilities and audience personas for a 360-degree view of the current landscape and the ideal future state. Gathering this intel is crucial in developing the best strategy for our clients.


In this phase of the engagement, we benchmark existing performance for the agreed upon KPIs against competitors and chart the clearest pathways toward achieving priority business goals and objectives. We will conduct in-depth content, technical, on-page and offsite analyses to identify areas of opportunity that will most significantly move the meter for your organization.

Strategy and Execution

Once we have identified the most fertile ground, we will develop a roadmap of deliverables, prioritizing those with the highest impact potential. Regular touchpoints will be scheduled to hold all parties accountable to timely and effective execution of project plans. Any unforeseen roadblocks to completing optimization efforts will be communicated in advance so all parties can establish necessary solutions or workarounds.

Reporting and Revising

Our SEO team will establish a new reporting model that zeroes in on the metrics that serve as the most effective barometer of our optimization efforts’ efficacy. We will review the performance data with client teams on a monthly cadence with the context needed to paint the clearest and fullest picture possible. Performance data will be analyzed in depth to influence actionable insights and shifts in strategy if necessary.

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