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Producing Videos that Rivet and Compel Your Audiences

Video pulls people in like nothing else. Who doesn’t like to see a story unfold, follow what happens next, and watch until the final frame? At Brunner, we not only understand the power of video, we excel at making video content that rivets audiences and compels them to act. We do everything from 6-second ads to long-form branded content, but please don’t ask us ‘what’s your specialty?’ Why not? Because we live to push the boundaries of video across the board — live action, explainer pieces, talking head interviews, documentary, motion graphics, editorial, animation, exploratory context, and stuff nobody’s defined yet. With video, we do it all for clients large and small — and companies just like yours. Watch our work, then imagine what we can do for you.

Scalable video capabilities and facilities

Brunner’s capabilities and facilities mean we can produce video faster and better, and always on strategy. Our in-house team — including cinematographers, editors, copywriters, designers, and producers — handles every aspect of video production, from concepting and casting to finishing, trafficking, and rights management. We can shoot on location or in our in-house studio, located right next to our fully equipped editing suite. We have you covered, soup-to-nuts, to get your video campaigns in market, right on schedule.

Video Production from Concept to Completion

  • Pre-Production
    - Discovery
    - Concepting
    - Copywriting
    - Storyboarding
    - Estimating
    - Casting
    - Set Decoration
  • Production
    - Shooting Video
    - Photography
    - Recording Audio
    - Recording Voice Over
  • Post-production
    - Editorial
    - Motion Graphics
    - Animation
    - Color Grading
    - VFX
    - Finishing
    - Closed Captioning
    - Trafficking
    - Rights Management

Top Tools for Producing Video

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