Creative Concepting for Marketing Campaigns that Clobber the Competition

Creative Concepting that Transforms the Big Idea into Killer Campaigns

Every brilliant creative campaign begins with a “nailed it” brand strategy. From that essential brand work, we pinpoint ‘the big idea’ — the kernel of truth that will compel your key audiences to engage. So what exactly gets us from the ‘big idea’ to a full-blown, nothing-like-they've-ever-seen-before killer campaign? The answer is campaign concepting, and it’s where the Brunner team revs up through intense cross-functional (and fun!) collaboration. We concept at the intersection of strategy, imagination, and ingenuity, and deliver campaigns that bring your brand’s ‘big idea’ to life — with big results.

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Creative Pros Who Go All In for Your Campaigns

At Brunner, we’re proud to be scrappy. Our creative directors, art directors, and copywriters have a challenger brand mindset that motivates us to do and push harder, whether we’re working with a big budget or more modest resources. From paid social media to Super Bowl ads, we do it all and we give it our all, every time. Don’t you want that mindset working on your brand’s campaigns?

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