Retail Media Services

Media Management for the Retail Ecosystem

With more people using retailers like Amazon to directly search for products and brands vs. using a search engine, it’s imperative for e-commerce businesses to include retail networks such as Amazon, Walmart and Target to increase brand visibility among their target audience and help brands stand out in a highly competitive market.

Identify the Right Retail Network Mix

to Reach Your Audience

Brunner will reach your ecommerce goals by selecting the appropriate mix of retail networks to reach your potential customer base along their purchase journey. Our team uses their extensive experience to develop strategies designed to drive sales specifically for your business and manages optimizations, leveraging the network’s advanced algorithms to maximize ROI.

Retail Services

  • Google Shopping
  • Display & Video Targeting
  • Sponsored products on all retail networks

Expertise You Can Count On

  • Google Shopping Certification
  • Trade Desk Certification
  • Walmart Connect Certification

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