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All Marketing Is Performance-Based Marketing

In an era defined by data-driven decision-making, marketing intelligence is the cornerstone of strategic success. Marketing intelligence empowers businesses to gain a competitive edge by transforming data into actionable insights. This enables businesses to optimize campaigns, target audiences effectively, and adapt quickly to market changes.

In today’s business landscape, embracing marketing intelligence is essential for growth and long-term success. But where should your marketing intelligence strategy start? Everything from your creative assets to your media campaigns should be measured and prove business impact.

That’s why everything we do is centered around our Marketing Intelligence Methodology — a cross functional team approach that includes:

  • Data scientists developing predictive models to guide planning
  • Data engineers orchestrating the intake of client data and the output of every channel's performance
  • Analysts and planners interpreting the data and developing business-driving strategies based on insights

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What Is Your Customer Telling You?

Customer intelligence takes traditional voice of the customer analyses to a new level. Our proprietary audience research technique gets at the heart of what your audience thinks and how they communicate. Want to know how to position a new product? Did you recently launch a brand campaign and want to know if your message is resonating? Our customer intelligence methods can ingest huge amounts of unstructured data (text, image, and audio) and give you the answers.

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Yes, Your Creative Should Have ROI

Creative intelligence is a powerful analytical tool that measures the effectiveness of your creative campaigns against the business metrics that matter most. Using AI algorithms, we can determine if your ad can drive sales by evaluating the performance of all elements within your images and videos to analyze everything from logos to elements that evoke emotion.

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Gain a Competitive Edge with Your Creative

Whitespace intelligence is a tool to help you find the creative inspiration to stand out competitively. Using computer vision machine learning techniques, we’ll analyze your advertising campaign’s look and feel, message, and other attributes. We’ll then identify the creative whitespace that fits your brand and that your competitors have left untouched, giving you the upper hand.

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Marketing Mix Modeling Reimagined

Media intelligence is an ongoing measurement of your marketing ROI. This includes a prediction of your ideal media mix, and an analysis of the nonlinear relationship between your marketing and business growth, such as diminishing returns and lag effects. Our advanced marketing mix analysis has an increased frequency, accessibility, and utility. That combination allows us to look beyond channel performance and pull in operational (for example, changes in your footprint size) and environmental (such as macroeconomic conditions, weather) information. As a result you can keep an eye on your channel-level ROI, review your historical mix, and find out what your optimal mix should be in the near term.


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