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Integrated Campaign Increases Sales and Donations 


Goodwill of North Georgia faced an unusual marketing challenge. The organization already had 100% brand awareness, so we needed to find additional drivers to grow traffic, increase basket size, and motivate new shoppers and potential donors. We needed new, highly motivating reasons to get people to visit Goodwill locations and drive the organization forward. 

Strategic Approach

We leveraged consumer insights that showed the importance of social impact for our target audience and their purchase decision. From those insights, we developed an authentic, memorable, and fully integrated campaign. It was time to "Go Big on Good" as a way to remind our target audience that all purchases and donations are part of a larger picture of job creation, opportunity, and sustainability. 


The campaign increased sales, guest traffic to stores, shopping basket size, and the number and size of donations. It even outperformed projections in key areas, including impressions, clicks, CPC and conversions.  


Same-Store Sales Increase


Total Store Sales Growth


Increase in Transactions


Increase in Value Per Transaction



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