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Smart UX and Content Design Drives Increased Enrollment 


Indiana University of Pennsylvania had a content problem. Specifically, they had too much content — and it was poorly organized. This made it difficult for busy potential and existing students to find what they needed. Much of the content, while thorough, was written from a professor’s point of view and didn’t directly align with what the prospective students, and parents, were looking for. 

Strategic Approach

After analyzing web traffic and user experience, and conducting keyword research, Brunner re-imagined the website’s navigation and content layout. That allowed a dramatic reduction in the amount of unnecessary content — making relevant content much easier to find. Lastly, the Brunner team developed enhanced search functionality by taking a data-driven approach to search behaviors, making the site much more manageable for prospective students and their parents, existing students, and alumni. 


A big increase in applications, by increasing engagement.


YOY increase in goal completions


YOY increase in new users


YOY increase user sessions


YOY decrease in bounce rate

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