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Using Composable CMS Drives Best-in-Class Website Redesign 


In the highly competitive auto insurance business, Dairyland Insurance needed its website to provide information quickly and clearly to a key customer group — drivers who face challenges getting auto insurance.

Dairyland chose Brunner to support a complete website revamp, including content development, site architecture, user experience design, and branding.  

Strategic Approach

Brunner developed the overall website strategy and served as the lead UX/UI and content partner for Dairyland’s marketing and IT teams. To inform an SEO-driven content strategy, we audited top competitor websites and Dairyland’s site for content/UX. We used content modeling for a composable architecture built on Contentful, a cutting-edge, headless content management system.

Dairyland’s new website launched with an engaging, on-brand visual design, customer-centered content, and a clean, intuitive user experience. 


Website relaunched with new brand look, feel, and tone.


On-time and on-budget launch


Enhanced UI and branding


60+ web pages created, revised or transcreated (Spanish)


SEO-led approach to content modeling

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