By Cecelia Bender8/30/2023

How Public Relations Can Help Your Company Build a Stronger Brand Identity and Stand Out From Competitors

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You know your company has great stories to tell. Maybe it’s how your engineering team helped a B2B customer solve a risky problem and finally land that big account. Or how your product group turned an inspired idea into a new item that millions of B2C customers are snapping up. 

But many companies don’t know how to share those stories. They’re frustrated by the lack of media recognition. And they worry they’re missing out on opportunities that media visibility can bring.  

That’s where public relations comes in. Through strategic PR, you can shape and promote your brand’s image and identity to: 

  • Build recognition as a leader in your industry 
  • Engage with your target audiences in authentic, meaningful ways 
  • Deepen trust with key stakeholders, both internal and external 
  • Advance your business goals and objectives 

At Brunner, we help clients across B2B and B2C with public relations strategy and tactics so they can share their stories with key audiences in authentic ways — and stand out from competitors. 

Here’s how we do it. 

“A well-crafted PR strategy and plan can help your brand’s stories stand out from the noise all around us daily.”

Telling Your Brand’s Story

We love the fact that every Brunner client is unique. It’s our job to understand each brand and their industry. We ask questions. We dig deeper for details and insights. We zero in on the great stories to share via interviews, thought leadership pieces, or feature articles. 

Then, we build a plan for how, when, and where to tell those stories.  

Our PR tactics for our clients include: 

  • Proactive media relations. We build connections with key media outlets and journalists who often cover aspects of our clients’ industries. 
  • Social media content. We amplify stories and encourage likes, shares, and comments. 
  • Speaking engagements. We secure speaking spots for clients at influential industry events. 
  • Sponsorships. We negotiate sponsor relationships that give our clients visibility and show hands-on involvement. 

Public Relations to Shape Brand Image and Identify 

Telling your company’s best stories helps support brand image and brand identity in two ways. First, it sets your brand apart from the competitors. Second, it creates a strong brand presence that steadily builds recognition, trust, and credibility. To get those results, PR does the work to create continual opportunities for putting your brand in front of key audiences, with three objectives in mind. 

Becoming a leader in your industry  

A PR strategy can position your company’s executives or subject matter experts as thought leaders with true bona fides in your industry. Each speaking engagement, interview opportunity, and bylined thought leadership article helps showcase your team’s knowledge, insights, and expertise.  

When a member of your team is quoted in an industry trend story, it builds credibility for your brand. Our PR goal is for media to seek out your experts and executives, asking them to share insights and viewpoints on industry developments or issues. Building strong relationships with key members of the media gives them a simple way to get in touch. 

Engaging with target audiences 

Target audiences for Brunner’s PR clients range from quite niche (plumbers) to national mainstream consumers. For each client, we identify the right places to reach their target audiences, so we can get compelling brand stories in front of the right customers and stakeholders.  

As a PR team, we work continually to keep each client top-of-mind with those audiences, so they can have meaningful conversations or address concerns. Just as we are enhancing trust, credibility and goodwill, our PR team also is helping safeguard and protect each client’s reputation. 

PR does the work to create continual opportunities for putting your brand in front of key audiences.”

Building trust with key stakeholders 

Strategic PR fosters strong relationships with important stakeholders including customers, employees, investors, the community, and — let’s not forget — the media. Engaging on an on-going basis creates positive perceptions that can, in turn, help support your brand’s goals. For example, if you want hire new local employees, PR tactics can help raise awareness of who you are and what you do through media interviews with CEO, bylined thought leadership pieces in a large local news outlet, or partnerships with organizations like a local college.   

Ready to Get Started With PR? 

A well-crafted PR strategy and plan can help your brand’s stories stand out from the noise all around us daily. At Brunner, our PR team is here to help. If you’re ready to get started with PR, let’s chat about ways to make sure your company is seen and heard, while building trust with target audiences and key stakeholders.  

Cecelia Bender, Brunner’s director of communications, has nearly 25 years of experience building and leading communications practices and key disciplines. Prior to joining Brunner, Cecelia held leadership positions with Discovery Communications (Warner Bros. Discovery), NBC News Digital, and Ketchum. Cecelia has a B.A. in Journalism from the University of Maryland, College Park.