Brand Strategy

Strategic Branding to Elevate Your Brand Identity

Connecting with your current and prospective customers in a manner that leaves them wanting more is not easy.  It requires building a powerful brand that truly resonates on an emotional level. In today’s highly complex and competitive marketplaces, cutting through the clutter, standing out from “me too” brands, and consistently capturing the attention of a highly informed and discerning consumer requires more than a snappy headline and a hefty social media presence.

Whether you are looking to create a new brand or simply refresh an existing one, effective brand efforts start with a sound brand strategy. Brunner’s five-step strategic brand approach utilizes ongoing data and insights to ensure that everything from our creative messaging to our integrated media plans is connected resulting in aligned, effective, and memorable outcomes.  

Over the past thirty-plus years, Brunner’s branding proposition has served as a trusted resource to create authentic and compelling B2B and B2C brands that capture attention, build affinity, and ultimately, drive business success for our clients.

Our proven 5-phased approach results in memorable brands.

Discover Phase

Assess where the brand is today and determine where it needs to go by collecting the essential data and insights needed to inform all branding decisions.

Direct Phase

Explore, define, and crystalize the brand positioning and strategic framework so that in conjunction, they serve as the North Star to direct all future brand, marketing and communication initiatives.

Express Phase

Develop visual and verbal brand identity expressions that will resonate with target audiences and cement the position in their minds.

Planning Phase

Develop and capture objectives, strategies, and programs in a roadmap that identifies how, where and when your target audience wants to be engaged.

Activation Phase

Develop an integrated go-to-market plan that ensures the new brand experience is consistent with both internal and external audiences.

Brand Analysis, Insight, and Strategic Capabilities.

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