Interactive Design & Development

What We Do

When your audience actively engaging with you online, they expect a user experience that is based on responsive, adaptive design and overall friction-free. They want content that is relevant to them, easy to find and understand. At Brunner, we blend user experience, SEO marketing and marketing automation to ensure your brand tracks and matches your customers’ digital body language.

We Make Interaction Design Matter.

We’ve always had the philosophy that maintaining strong in-house technology and database talent is paramount to allowing us to create great digital experiences. We’ve focused on “mobile-first” website and app development since before the iPhone existed – including iPad Sales apps, 3D mobile sales tools and more recently AR app development. We’re comfortable working in at CMS environment, however, we’ve strongly aligned ourselves with three world-class partners by becoming Kentico and Sitecore Certified as well as an Adobe Experience Manager Partner. Our UX design and website development teams work within several of the leading e-commerce and development frameworks including NOPCommerce, Shopify, Amazon AWS, Microsoft Azure and .NET and many others. We were one of the first agencies in the country to become a Microsoft Gold certified partner – and we still maintain that distinction over 20 years later!


User Experience & Adaptability

Our mantra when it comes to UX? Useful, usable and appealing, in that order. Many companies have an internal perspective. The role of our UX/UI designers will help you stay focused on what matters most – your customer.

Web & Mobile App Development

Our team of full-stack, CMS-agnostic developers works in collaboration with our interaction designers to not only bring your website or eCommerce site to life, but we can help you with Martech systems integration and custom mobile application development.

SEO Marketing

We help maximize traffic to your website and increase conversions by incorporating SEO marketing strategies, including copywriting and technical SEO best practices.

Custom App Development

Truly one of the hidden gems within our agency, our custom app development team can help you with your digital transformation efforts. We’ve helped HR, Sales, Innovation, Marketing, IT teams and even startups automate processes, and create custom prototypes.