What We Do

Ten years ago, Brunner launched BHiveLab, one of the first, and ultimately one of the most successful, marketing agency innovation labs. Our goal? To find new ways to reach the on-the-go-consumer using emerging technology. A decade later the technology may have changed, but our mission is the same…to help our clients stay informed, and ahead of, the marketing technology curve.


Of course, no one knows your business like you do. But finding the time to explore emerging technology solutions doesn’t always make it to your priority list, and that’s where we come in. Our team of design thinkers, creative technologists and data scientists are busy exploring relevant startups, cutting edge technology and new agile-based approaches to marketing. Our unique “Swarm” ideation process also brings partners and other 3rd parties together to help us solve the toughest business problems. We call this approach co-innovation.


Technology & Research

You name the technology, and chances are we’ve already experimented with it. Whether you are looking to explore the world of mixed reality, to find ways to automate parts of your content production process or you are trying to figure out how Ai can help inform your marketing strategy, our team can help you to find the right approach for your needs.

Rapid Prototypes and MVP Development

In short, we can help you work like a startup.  We’ve helped countless tech based startups, and corporate skunkworks product leaders, develop their first prototypes which can then be used for idea validation, user testing, internal funding or even to help you gain management buy-in.

Problem Solving with Technology

Our team can develop unique approaches to help solve your toughest challenges. From 3D depth camera event traffic analysis for BMW, to developing an Ai based fraud detection system for a state lottery, to developing augmented reality based general contractor tools our team can help bring your ideas to fruition.