By Max Villarreal and Emily Nobers10/17/2022

Leverage the Power of Google with Revolutionary New Ad Format, Performance Max Advertising

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Here at Brunner, we are always striving to better our work for our clients. Something we have been having a lot of recent success with is Google’s new ad format called Performance Max. Performance Max is a new campaign type that runs within the Google Ads interface. Instead of targeting a single channel as you would normally do, this revolutionary new ad format runs across several different Google-owned channels including YouTube, Gmail, Discovery, Google Display Network, and Paid Search. It specializes in generating online conversions across all these channels – think of it as “machine learning on steroids” across the whole Google ecosystem. We have had so many clients already see great results with this new campaign type for driving Leads and other online conversions.

How does this work?

So, you might be wondering – how does this work? Performance Max works by having multiple asset types uploaded into a single Google Ads campaign including different text lines, images, YouTube videos, and logos. Typically, you will want at least a dozen pieces of ad text, 5-10 images (made up of square, landscape, and portrait sizes), and 1-5 YouTube videos for best results. Google will then serve these assets as ads across different channels.

Most of the campaign performance is run automatically by Google. Google will choose which users to target, when to show an ad, which texts to use, and on which channel; there isn’t much hands-on maintenance that advertisers must do to adjust how the ads serve. Google controls how each ad is assembled, and how it is bid on in each auction. Google also controls how much of the overall budget is spent on each channel. The downside (at least for now) is that there are limited insights into exactly how much traffic is being served across channels.

Next Steps

The new Google Performance Max is a great choice for advertisers who wish to find new customers and want to cover a wide range of channel types without budgeting individually for each channel. By covering a large portion of Google’s content out of a single campaign, advertisers can more easily scale their ads across the internet. This campaign also has an option to specifically optimize for New Customer Acquisition if that’s a priority.

Need More Help? Give us a ring so we can help run, monitor, and report on these campaigns while also running other campaign types for a broader strategy.

Max Villarreal is a Search Account manager at Brunner, helping companies across business categories improve their marketing reach. Max works in multiple digital marketing channels to help businesses connect with their customers in new ways.

Emily Nobers is a Search Account Manager at Brunner, helping companies reach their full digital marketing potential.  Emily strategizes, implements, and analyzes performance of multi-channel digital marketing plans for clients across several verticals.