By Eric Perz2/14/2020

Foundations for Success: Data Analytics Maturity Series, Episode 2

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Data Analytics Maturity Series, presented by Brunner’s Data Science & Decision Analytics Team

This series covers the elusive topic of data. How to gather it, develop it, and structure it so that you can hone in on valuable insights. Getting closer to your customers requires making the most of the data available to you and understanding where the organization is at in terms of data maturity.

Find “Own Your Data: Data Analytics Maturity Series, Episode 1,” here.

In our second episode Brunner’s Director of Data Science, Eric Perz returns to our data analytics maturity matrix and dives in to the importance of setting the foundation for success. Eric talks about ensuring your organization’s data analytics structure has the “4 Vs,” of variety, volume, velocity and veracity. Key to building a data-driven organization is cultivating a culture that is bought in to the importance of sourcing, analyzing and using data to transform.