By admin5/7/2021

Brunner’s Creative Campaign for City of Asylum, “Dictator Book Reviews”, Wins Seven Silver District ADDY Awards

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At the 2021 award ceremony held Friday, April 30, Brunner’s creative campaign for client City of Asylum entitled “Dictator Book Reviews” won ten sliver Pittsburgh American Advertising (AFF) Awards and seven silver District 2 ADDY Awards in categories Elements of Advertising and Public Service. The seven district wins will automatically move on to the National ADDY Awards held on June 11.

City of Asylum offers a thriving community for writers, readers, and neighbors by creating a broad range of literary programs in a variety of communities. They also provide sanctuary to literary writers and artists facing life-threatening situations in their home countries offering a safe place to continue working and sharing their voices.

The creative campaign promoted City of Asylum’s freedom of expression mission. Each poster and social post featured a banned book that is available in City of Asylum’s bookstore. The ads featured fictitious book reviews from three different dictators, including Kim Jong-un, Bashar al-Assad and Nicolás Maduro with the subjects providing reviews about books banned in their own countries. Not only did the campaign promote City of Asylum’s mission—it encouraged bookstore sales to help support the organization.

“It’s great to see the work, but more importantly, see the program be recognized,” said Kevin Corfield, Creative Director. “City of Asylum is an incredible organization that makes a big impact right here in Pittsburgh, while supporting artists everywhere.”

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