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BRUNNER’s Chief Digital Officer Joins Pittsburgh Tech Council’s Panel of Experts
Rick Gardinier provides expert perspective on recruiting in the digital age

Pittsburgh, PA (December 14, 2018) – Behind every computer program is the mastermind who created it: a software developer. Despite the fact that Pittsburgh serves as the home of globally-recognized Carnegie Mellon University and international tech companies Apple, Facebook, Google and Uber, a profound discrepancy has emerged between job opportunities and available talent. And at the Pittsburgh Technology Council’s recent panel, “Winning the Talent War: Overcoming the Software Developer Talent Shortage,” Brunner’s partner and chief digital officer Rick Gardinier shared his distinct perspective as a former tech professional and now, business owner in a competitive landscape.

“Winning the Talent War” centered on the learnings and techniques local companies have successfully implemented to hire, retain and reward tech talent. Speaking on behalf of Brunner’s BHiveLab, one of the region’s leading technology innovation labs, Gardinier commented on the state of the industry and how his team envisioned future operations to address talent recruitment and retention not just internally, but externally as well.

“Software developers and engineers are critical to the success of our business,” Gardinier said. “One of the primary goals of our innovation lab was to push the boundaries of what’s possible. But, the only way we can continue to drive forth that mission is by attracting and retaining top talent from across the country. As part of our solve, we’ve recently introduced a new division: BHiveLab Talent. While still in its infancy, we expect this addition to generate new opportunities for the agency and clients alike while also pushing the boundaries of talent in this market.”

Despite a diverse ensemble of backgrounds and companies, common key themes emerged throughout the event including how to identify the right talent during the hiring process. Panelists noted professionals in the industry are realizing that while a candidate with a computer science degree may have the fundamental skills and knowledge for software development, it doesn’t necessarily mean those without a degree in the field don’t.

“We have to look past the typical credentials on a résumé,” Gardinier continued. “Often it’s the non-technical characteristics like communication, collaboration, intuition and an entrepreneurial spirit that make the best software developers.”

“Winning the Talent War” was held Wednesday, December 12 and moderated by Anthony Hughes, CEO of Tech Elevator. In addition to Gardinier, other panelists included Martin Habich, Manager of Employee Development at CGI; Brooks Renoll, Technology Recruiting Brand Manager at Dick’s Sporting Goods; Linda Knight, Talent Acquisition and Outreach at FedEx Services; and Dave Silvester, CIO Chief of Staff and Managing Director, Investment Services Technology Strategy & Administration at BNY Mellon.

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