Your customers are consumers. They discover new retail shops on Instagram, learn about the latest healthy food brand during a commercial break while streaming on Hulu, and turn to Google for every question they have. They are bombarded with the same :15 video ads, beautifully merchandised Facebook carousels and entertaining blogs. They have come to expect that content of interest will appear when, where and how they need it. All marketers, B2B – B2C or B2B to C must have these behaviors in mind when developing their marketing strategies.

B2B Strategies You Need NOW

We have years of experience working with manufacturers, insurance and financial service providers, and technology companies to accelerate their marketing programs. The modern B2B marketing approach still tackles your most common challenges but using strategies that your clients expect.

New leadership is taking the helm at many companies. Now is the time to push your brand’s limits and build a connection with the new CEO. Is your current branding memorable, measurable, and accountable? We can help you build an accountable brand worth remembering.

Omni-channel Marketing Program
Elevate your customer experience to meet their new expectations with content and media strategies that allow you to be there where, when, and how your customer expects.

CRM Systems and Marketing Automation
Keep your focus on the relationship by assessing your systems and nurturing strategies to create a scalable, automated way to stay top of mind with prospects and in front of customers.

Tracking and Reporting
Are you getting insights from your tracking and reporting? Let us help you define your data story to maximize ROI.

Sales Enablement Tools
Improve your sales team’s performance by arming them with the right tools to help.

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3 Guide Rails for B2B Marketing Success

Digital marketing transformation continues to be a hot topic, and its acceleration has continued to increase exponentially. So why do companies have such a hard time reaching that state of nirvana?

Automating Complex Marketing Models

Speed versus depth of insight is a fundamental trade-off marketing strategists often face when working with analyst teammates.

Selling to Retailers is Never About You

Most buyers don't care about your brand. They only care about their brand and how you can help them. So why spend 20 minutes talking about something they don’t care about?

Our Approach

With marketing services fueled by data, insights, and real-time trends, our approach to B2B marketing strategy development starts with the customer. We dig deeper than most to truly understand your customer’s expectations and determine your audience’s needs and behaviors, so your brand is their answer and the content and experience we create results in loyalty…not just trial.

The second piece of our “secret sauce” is data. Brunner’s core focus is performance marketing – meaning all marketing and media activities must be understood, managed, and optimized based on their contribution to your company’s goals. Engagement and ROI drive everything from strategy and resource planning to campaign execution and optimization. While this approach is oriented toward the “bottom of the funnel,” it is also the lens used to evaluate long-term investments in awareness, brand building and positioning.

In the end, the merge between understand your customer and your data story must lead to results. Here’s how we do it:

Understand Your Audience
For any industry, the audience journey is not linear. Ensuring that you know what channels your audience is using, their expectations of consuming information on those channels and their expectations from your brand should be foundational to your marketing and advertising strategies.

Be There. Be Relevant. Be Valuable
The key is to be present during these key decision moments, not just in terms of channels, but also in terms of appropriate content and function. Timing and an omni-channel user experience are key here.

Trust the Data
Testing, reporting, and attribution analytics help us manage the short-term decisions around key decision moments, while sophisticated time series models help for medium-and long-term decisions. Ultimately, our execution against the audiences is a process of prioritization informed by all the analytical tools at our disposal.

Stay Nimble
We advocate a very agnostic “go where the data leads” approach for execution. For most of the campaign, that’s true. However, Brunner also emphasizes a test-learn-optimize framework that experiments with new channels, campaigns, timing, etc.