We Were a
Pittsburgh Startup
Before Pittsburgh Became Known For Startups.

We have always focused on "what's next." We were founded in 1989 as a design firm desiring to have more of an impact on our clients’ business. From an early start, we saw the value in “big data” when it wasn’t so big, and acquired a database marketing firm in 1993. Then in 1997, we acquired a digital interactive company because we realized business was changing. We opened an office in Atlanta to grow our footprint and better serve national accounts. As technology advanced, so did our business. In 2011, we launched an emerging technology innovation lab filled with app developers and technologists dedicated solely to looking to the future to identify what’s next. Finally, in 2015, we created a digital performance marketing team, giving us the ability to optimize and measure everything from traditional advertising to social media to PR.

Our aim? Be the best in the country. Our work and our client partners might tell you we're there. And yet, we remain that nimble, curious, fiercely independent startup who just wanted to be the best in the building.


Know Your Customers. Really get to know them.

It’s all about results, and understanding what it takes to achieve them. Getting to the core of customer composition, behavior, and intent is paramount. Our proven, data-first approach provides strategic customer insights and recommendations to produce marketing and business results.

Build Meaningful Experiences That Stick.

In a world filled with noise and clutter, being relevant has never been more important. It’s all about building experiences that nurture relationships and cut through the static. We combine deep technical expertise, experiential development, and marketing savvy to reach your customer. Get them to interact. And stay engaged.

Pivot When Their Demands Change.

Change is inevitable. It moves faster than ever before. It’s our ability to understand the "next best action" that creates value for your customer, finds more like them and achieves high performance for your business. It matters a lot. Right next to our ability to deliver it.

Our Clients

Our Strategic Partnerships

It's impossible to be "best-in-class at everything." Yet that's exactly what's needed to compete in today's business environment. For the past three decades, BRUNNER has mastered the art of working with strategic partners to enhance our integrated services for our clients.

From leading technology and analytics firms, to the startup eco-system, to academia thought leaders, and even multi-cultural expertise, BRUNNER is cultivating and building a unique blend of partnerships that bring transformative ideas and results to our clients.

4a Partner

We're an active member including board positions on the leading authority representing the marketing communications agency business.

Magnet Partner

Our 15-year active involvement with the leading independent global network provides our clients the ability to engage with any audience, in any market, language or culture.

Carnegie Mellon University Partner

Our alignment with one of the leading research universities in the world helps you tap into their robust startup and technology resources.

Republica Partner

Our leading independent cross-cultural agency partner focused on the Hispanic and Latino markets.

Google Partner

You can be confident in knowing that all members of our performance marketing team are certified in the 5 Google specializations.

Microsoft Partner

We’ve been Gold Certified for 18 years in a row. For our clients, this means clients we gain early access to Microsoft technologies, and we are approved at the highest level for web and software development and datacenter services by one of the leading tech companies in the world.

Pardot/Salesforce Partner

We're certified in the Salesforce Marketing Cloud, including being a Pardot Certified Consultant and having a staff of Salesforce Certified developers. And, we have broad expertise across many other leading marketing automation systems including HubSpot, Eloqua, Marketo and Mail Chimp.

Sitecore Partner

We partner with the top web experience platforms in the world including the Sitecore WCM and Experience platform.  

Doubleclick Partner

Our certification ensures we have digital marketing experts that have been carefully vetted to meet a rigorous qualification standard. Our team of certified campaign managers positions our team as a digital marketing expert and trusted business partner that helps advertisers succeed within the DoubleClick platform.